There are over hundred of various natural oils used to improve one’s appearance. Among the vast selection of beautifying oils there is argan oil that is recognized as the most beneficial. Does it make an efficient alternative to corn oil? If you look for comprehensive body and hair care, anti-age effect and regeneration, then surely you should consider buying natural argan oil.

Golden oil extracted from equally golden corn kernels isn’t rather recognized as popular. As much as it’s effective, sunflower oil doesn’t win many hearts just like Moroccan argan oil does.

Why are natural argan oil and sunflower oil arch-rivals? nanoil-argan-oil-st

Argan oil: Chemical constituents

A high quality argan oil contains a few dozens of various substances that display body and hair conditioning properties. The most important are omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, where the latter is a fairly unique and rarely occurring acid. This isn’t all!

Argan oil – if cold-pressed and unrefined – also contains precious carotene and squalene, which are mineral substances and natural sunscreens. Moreover, this oil offers a high concentration of vitamin E that has a rejuvenating and antioxidant effect.

Argan oil: Consistency

Despite being rich in so many valuable substances, argan oil isn’t thick. This is a product which consistency might be compared to a lightweight oil. Owing to this quality, argan oil doesn’t create any greasy feel but penetrates in no time making skin nothing but soft.

If you get genuine, cold-pressed and unrefined argan oil then it should be golden and have a slightly nutty aroma.


What argan oil is the best?

The best argan oil is the one obtained through the traditional method, which means that it was exposed to the cold pressing process. It’s also crucial for the oil to remain unrefined because this ensures that the oil preserves almost 100% of the nutrients that argan tree kernels offer.

Undoubtedly, the best argan oil to be introduced into home hair and skin care routine is this ultra-light and nutrient-thick Nanoil Argan Oil which composition consists of Ecocert-proven 100% argan oil!

Argan oil in hair care

Nanoil Argan Oil is perfectly suitable to be used to contrition high and medium porosity hair, however, it can be applied practically to all hair types.

Apart from being the right oil to be used for wet/dry hair oil treatment – which are the basic forms of the treatment – argan oil can be also used in hot oil hair treatment since it works more effectively then. What’s interesting, since it offers heat protection, Nanoil Argan Oil also serves its purpose when used as an alternative to a hair styling product. When used regularly and in the right quantities, genuine argan oil:

  • reinforces hair bulbs and prevents hair loss.
  • may accelerate hair growth and leave hair more voluminous.
  • improves bounciness, softness and boosts beautiful shine.
  • prevents damage that hair is exposed to during styling.
  • increases hair manageability and improves its look.

  Argan oil in skin care

What’s important, Nanoil Argan Oil can be also used to take care of face and body skin because it contains substances that our skin finds essential. The good news is that you can use the oil freely. Whether you use it instead of a cream/balm or remove makeup with – it’s up to you. In each case, Nanoil Argan Oil:argan-oil-bottle-nanoil

  • delays skin ageing processes and minimizes wrinkles.
  • ensures deep skin nourishment.
  • improves skin suppleness and lifts it.
  • soothes possible irritations and deals with tight skin.
  • evens out skin tone and ensures healthy shine.



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