What will you love corn oil for?

Sometimes you should not look far for something you have at hand.

If you plan on including natural oils in hair care, first reach for these which are often close by or at hand in your kitchen cupboard.

You will spare time and money, while at the same time it may turn out that oil you use for salads is perfect for hair care.

Corn oil is the best proof that you do not have to look for oils carrying some exotic names and (sometimes) smelling odd.

Corn oil hair benefits. Why and how to replace it?

Corn oil is excellent for distressed, dry and high porosity hair that has highly raised cuticle scales. The structure of such strands is deteriorated whereas their condition leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to present your hair with the highest-quality and – most of all – effective repair, you’d better turn to [&hellip


Corn oil: Characteristics

Corn oil in hair care? That is a surprise! It usually makes us think of cooking. It turns out that corn oil is a great natural oil which regenerates even the driest, most damaged by dyeing and straightening hair. It is most helpful after hot summer during which merciless sun made our strands brittle, weak, [&hellip


How to use corn oil in hair care?

Hair oiling treatment with corn oil can be done in several ways, depending on the effect we want to achieve. 1. Regeneration Warm up a few drops of corn oil in your hands and apply it to dry hair and scalp. Leave on the oil for more or less one hour but bear in mind [&hellip


Argan Oil: Alternative to corn oil to improve your appearance

There are over hundred of various natural oils used to improve one’s appearance. Among the vast selection of beautifying oils there is argan oil that is recognized as the most beneficial. Does it make an efficient alternative to corn oil? If you look for comprehensive body and hair care, anti-age effect and regeneration, then surely [&hellip


Corn oil: For what hair types?

Corn oil is an exceptional oil. As one of few contains such high percentage of fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3. It is full of phytosterols, which contribute to right collagen synthesis in cells and calm all scalp irritations. Content of vitamin E in corn oil prevents hair loss and takes care of young appearance of [&hellip


What makes corn oil so good for hair care?

  • It is first and foremost known for its high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, mostly omega-6 (linoleic acid, about 50-70%) and omega-9 (oleic acid, about 20-30%). These fatty acids ensure that processes occurring inside cells of the skin and hair proceed correctly. In other words: they will preserve hair and scalp from premature ageing.
  • Corn oil consists of remarkable amount of vitamin E - also called vitamin of youth. Without it hair become matte, brittle and deprived of elasticity.
  • Another factor of true relevance and impact on hair condition is presence of phytosterols in corn oil. Phytosterols have a unique ability to activate collagen synthesis, which is the main protein component of skin cells. On top of that, they speed up regeneration of all kind of damages, both to epidermis and hair. Phytosterols in corn oil have additional anti-fungal and antibacterial properties directly responsible for healthy and clean scalp. They leave it clean and dandruff free.
  • Corn oil is one of few known to contain also large amount of lecithin. It is irreplaceable in care of excessively dry hair. It moisturises and smoothers hair and above all calm scalp and normalise sebum secretion.

Corn oil is recommended mostly for high porosity hair - very damaged, weak and fine, with disturbed construction of hair cuticles on the surface. In a great way it also takes care of dry, damaged by the sun, straightener or subjected to colourisation hair ends.