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Corn oil hair benefits. Why and how to replace it?

Corn oil is excellent for distressed, dry and high porosity hair that has highly raised cuticle scales. The structure of such strands is deteriorated whereas their condition leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to present your hair with the highest-quality and – most of all – effective repair, you’d better turn to [&hellip


Corn oil: Characteristics

Corn oil in hair care? That is a surprise! It usually makes us think of cooking. It turns out that corn oil is a great natural oil which regenerates even the driest, most damaged by dyeing and straightening hair. It is most helpful after hot summer during which merciless sun made our strands brittle, weak, [&hellip


Corn oil: For what hair types?

Corn oil is an exceptional oil. As one of few contains such high percentage of fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3. It is full of phytosterols, which contribute to right collagen synthesis in cells and calm all scalp irritations. Content of vitamin E in corn oil prevents hair loss and takes care of young appearance of [&hellip